Be Your Own Personal Chef

Personal chefs aren’t just for celebrities and superstars! You can treat yourself, and free up valuable time during the busy week for things in life you love and need to get done, by being your own personal chef.

Cooking is caring. When you cook, you are an artist, and have freedom to use ingredients that you prefer.

Here is a personal chef method to get you started:

  1. Purchase reusable food containers that suit your storage needs. I prefer glass ones, but BPA-free plastic will do just fine. That way, you are not creating a lot of waste with throw away containers.
  2. Plan a healthy weekly menu that suits your personal dietary needs. Keep in mind dates during the week when you won’t be eating at home and factor them into your planning.
  3. Make a grocery list to take to the store. This will help you stay on track and prevent you from overspending while shopping. There’s an app for this!
  4. Set aside the time you need to prepare your meals. Schedule this time for yourself like any other important appointment. Sundays and Thursdays work best for me; Sundays are a relaxing day to spend the afternoon in the kitchen, and Thursdays work well if you will be home over the weekend.
  5. Cook your heart out! Invite family members and friends to join you in the kitchen. Put on some fun tunes, and throw a cooking party! Or, use this as an opportunity for a little solo time.

Next, enjoy your delicious, personalized meal creations!

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