Plant Herbs Now To Make Summer Cocktails Sizzle

Fresh herbs are a great way to liven up any recipe, but have you considered what they can do for your cocktails?  Fresh Herbs will make your summer cocktails sizzle.

Garden fresh ingredients add new flavor dimension to your libations, and let you personalize your drink creations in a way no store bought ingredient could.

So take a look at these easy and herby summer refreshers.  Then get out to your garden and start planting.  Summer is just around the corner and you don’t want to miss these yummy cocktails. 

Lemon Verbena

The delicate floral notes of lemon verbena will go well with almost any tequila drink, or try it in a Tom Collins, as suggested in the book Artisanal Cocktails by Scott Beattie.  You might also try a Lemon Verbena and Orange Blossom Fizz.  Or why not up the great citrus-y essence for your next Gin Cooler or County Club? Add some muddled lemon verbena for a unique taste that will give your drink a distinctive difference. 


The fresh peppery bite of Basil is au courant in cocktail recipes.  Try it in a Pineapple Basil Cocktail, or Strawberry Basil Lemonade.  Skip the vodka in this summery libation and it becomes a family-friendly afternoon sipper.


You might not think of rosemary when it comes to happy hour, but its earthy-piney flavor is fresh and crisp when softened into a simple syrup and added to a Rosemary Ruby Cocktail.

Chocolate Mint And Pineapple Mint

Mint is a traditional garnish for many summer beverages.  But up your game by adding flavored mint varieties such as chocolate mint and pineapple mint to your next Mint Julep or Mojito. Or try something new all together, like a  Chocolate Mint Grasshopper.

Making your guests feel special at your next get-together is easy.  All you need is a little imagination and a few herbs from your garden and you’ll be sippin’ pretty in no time.

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