Power Up with Potassium Rich Foods

Sweet Potatoes

Potassium is really explosive! No really, it is. It is one of the most highly reactive elements in the body, and is essential to our life function because, along with sodium, it helps regulate blood pressure, and maintain healthy heart and kidney function.

Potassium also assists in muscle contraction, and eating potassium rich foods may prevent against cramping, such as painful and annoying “charley horses.” If you are trying to fuel your adolescent athlete properly, it’s super important for them to eat foods high in potassium.

Bananas aren’t the only way to power up with potassium. According to WebMD, the top five foods highest in potassium are winter squash, sweet potatoes, white potatoes, white beans and yogurt.

A quick suggestion to power up with potassium would be to bake a sweet potato or white potato, and top it with yogurt instead of sour cream. Serve it along side a lean meat such as baked pork tenderloin, which is also high in potassium.

It’s always best to eat good food instead eating junk and then supplementing to make-up for a poor diet. Vitamins and minerals taken as supplements, such as a daily multi-vitamin, are meant to assist you in meeting optimal levels of essential nutrients, not replace healthy foods in your diet.

By eating unprocessed healthy foods on a daily basis, you take in all the nutrients that food can offer. Then, supplement if necessary.

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