Raining Different Perspectives

Raindrops on a window

I love to watch two cultures bring a different perspective to a single event.

I don’t mean two cultures like Americans and Europeans. I mean two cultures like ranchers and golf enthusiasts.

I had a chance to observe that one last week as I headed to a southern Missouri resort town where bison ranchers were gathering for a summer meeting. Turns out that a major golf tournament was taking place in the same town.

Then the rains came. And came.

Ranchers throughout the hotel were checking their smart-phones to see the extent of the weather pattern. “We just got 10 inches over the past week at home,” one beaming Texas rancher told me.

As I passed two golfers in the hallway, I heard one mutter to the other, “This is the worst thing I’ve ever seen.”

I love golf as well as the next guy. Well, love probably isn’t the right word. I’ve played a few rounds in my life, but found that the expense of the green fees was only exceeded by the cost of the balls I kept losing in the ponds, or in the rough. For golf enthusiasts, rain is a major inconvenience.

For farmers and ranchers, rain is lifeblood.

That 10 inch rain in Texas meant that livestock will have green grass for the next couple of months. And green grass for livestock means that ranchers will be able to stay on top of their mortgage.

Let it rain.

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