Salt The Truest Essential – Part 1

“Varied, subtle, complex…”

No, we are not discussing wine or coffee; the topic here is salt. If you have been using it sparingly to enhance the flavor of some of your favorite foods, you may be missing out.

The number one ingredient in foods for 8000 years, salt has recently become a topic of some concern. The World Health Organization recommends limiting the use of Sodium to less than 2,000 mg of sodium (5 g of salt) per day, *but further research seems to indicate that recommendation may have been misguided.

Whether you choose to limit salt intake – or live dangerously, the opportunities to tickle your palate with more exotic versions of this best loved ingredient abound.

A resurgence of ancient methods of procurement and production, have resulted in an array of colors, textures and flavors that epicureans are scurrying for. Pink crystals from the Himalayans, golden salt from the Malden Sea, seaweed salt from Japan, or grey salt from Camargue, the list goes on. Known as “finishing salts” these natural compounds, each with it’s own “minerality,” add distinct flavors as unique and varied as the places they originate from.

A life essential, used consciously and in moderation salt can provide new texture color and interest to both old and new dishes. In addition to literally spicing up your life, salt has other health benefits that may be worth considering.

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