Simple Switches to Save Money for Earth Day

Can you believe that it’s already Earth Day 2015? Earth Day is one of those holidays that seems to get lost in the springtime shuffle, but you can celebrate by making some simple switches to save money for Earth Day and beyond!

For instance, did you realize that going organic helps to protect the planet? It’s true! Organic farming practices help preserve our resources and prevent global warming. The best part is that now more people have access to organic products at a better price point. Here are some simple organic switches you can make to save money and honor the Earth!

Opt for Organic Quinoa
Not only is organic quinoa a healthy choice, but a versatile choice, too. Try buying a few bags of Wild Oats Marketplace Organic Traditional Quinoa and utilize it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. For instance, you can make some in the morning and add cinnamon and honey for a breakfast your kids will love. Also, it makes an amazing side or main dish for lunch or dinner. Check out my Easy Wild Oats Quinoa Recipe for an idea of how to use this fantastic grain.

Make Snack Time Organic
Strategize how to save money while going organic by planning ahead with organic snacks. Not only are there a ton of great organic snack bars, but if you buy them in bulk you can often get them at a better price. Another easy snack idea that has helped me lose weight is to munch on organic veggies and use organic salad dressing as dipping sauce. Simply cut up whatever organic produce you find on sale like broccoli, carrots, cucumbers, celery and asparagus and use your favorite organic salad dressing to dip. Kids love this, too!

Cook One Big Ol’ Organic Meal a Week
Plan one night a week (I love Sunday) to make a huge organic meal that you can freeze and eat as leftovers. Ideas include Pot Roast with Veggies, Beef Stew, Meatless Lasagna, Chili and Slow-Cook Brisket. My favorite go-to large meal is my Nana’s Secret Spaghetti Sauce recipe that has been passed down for generations.

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