Slow Down For A Simpler Life

If we’re not paying attention, life can speed right on by us.  Why not slow down a little and enjoy each day more?  By slowing the pace of life, you can truly enjoy the people and things that matter most to you. You can make the choice to live in a mindful way.

Here’s how:

Take Advantage Of The Morning.  Try getting up just fifteen minutes earlier. Not feeling rushed to get everyone out the door will make the difference between enjoying your day and feeling stressed out.  If you can, spend a few minutes outside. Think about your day and connect with nature. Reserve that special time for yourself each morning.

Slow Down Meal Time. These days it seems everyone touts the benefits of fast food.  But a new revolution has begun called the “slow food movement.” Although slow food is broadly about a more healthy way to eat, the real benefit is about getting back to basics.  It’s about cooking the foods your mother and grandmother cooked, and making meal times special in your house again.

Make Time For The Causes That Matter To You.  It’s easy to support causes through financial giving.  But by slowing the pace of your life, you can make time for causes that you care about.  It’s okay to say to yourself, “this matters to me,” and make time for it.  If you’re passionate about animals, devote an hour per week to pet rescue.  If you’re passionate about elder-care, volunteer at a community center.  Is recycling your thing?  How about giving some time to beach clean-up?  The time you spend caring for others and our environment can help you feel connected and fulfilled.

Start A Hobby.  Memories aren’t made in front of the TV.  Why not start a sewing project, take up knitting or take your camera on a nature walk several times a week.   Use some of your free time to create something meaningful.

Start A Supper Club. Invite a few couples over for a simple dinner.  Include the kids and even pets if you’d like.  It doesn’t have to be elaborate, just make one or two special dishes and have guests mix their own drinks. Take time to sit outside and talk while the kids play. Then trade dinner party nights with the other families so that once every month or so you have something special and memorable to do.

Start A Babysitting Co-Op For Date Nights. Most married-with-kids-couples don’t get out alone together much. Do something about that! Get together with 2-3 other couples and make a plan. Perhaps on every third weekend, two of the couples will go out while the remaining couple watches all the kids. Trade off so that each couple gets a regular date night.

It only takes a  little planning to be able to slow down and get more out of your life.  Slowing down could be the best way to take care of yourself and your family.

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