Smart Pool Snack Ideas

There are few places I love more than heading to our community pool in the summer. Each year we buy a pool pass and make it a daily destination when the weather is nice. Keeping my kids fed at the pool though often turns into a small part-time job. Between growth spurts, the calories burned on swimming the pool all day, and the boredom eating that happens during the lifeguard breaks… Well, it can get a little expensive.

Each week I head to the grocery store and designate a portion of the funds towards smart snacks for the pool.

Smart Pool Snack Ideas

I have found that a little sweet and a little salty (especially with a good dipper) is a great winning combination for our pool time snacks. With fresh produce at the height of its flavor and a few budget-friendly organic treats from Wild Oats, we are able to feed our kids some fantastic healthy treats on a small budget.

Today I want to share with you our favorite smart pool snack ideas and I would love to hear what tops your list of great pool snack investments! 

Smart Pool Snack Ideas


Fruit- Fruit is always a winner and perfectly portable for the pool. We stock up on stone fruits like peaches, nectarines, and cherries for a fun pool snack. Berries and grapes are also two of our favorite treats to take.

For a beverage, the berries can also be a wonderful addition to a big jug of water. We love to experiment with different fruit and herb combinations in the summer months. It’s a fantastic way to stay hydrated.

Granola Bars- I love a sweet granola bar loaded with chocolate chips. Pop these Wild Oats Chocolate Chip bars into the cooler for a sweet treat to enjoy in the sunshine.


Salty (and Crunchy): 

Pretzels & Mustard– I am a big lover of the pretzel and mustard combination and a little Dijon mustard with Wild Oats Organic Honey Wheat Pretzels create a delicious combination of sweet and salty. If you are gluten-free, consider a gluten-free alternative to pair with your favorite mustard.

Popcorn– Popcorn is one of those snacks that we take almost daily to the pool. I pop a bag in our microwave, open it up at the picnic table, and the kids gobble it up. If you want to make things more interesting, consider different varieties of popcorn flavors (white cheddar, anyone?) to keep this snack fun!

Crunchy Granola Bars– I am more of a chewy girl when it comes to granola bars, but my kids love a good crunchy, messy granola bar. Let them indulge in these fun treats at the pool (without the clean-up!). I recommend these Crunchy Peanut Butter Granola Bars for an easy snack that doesn’t require any time in the cooler!

Hummus & Red Peppers– We talked about my mad love affair for hummus in a past post with Wild Oats. Hummus is such a fantastic pool treat and it can be a great way to get in a variety of veggies like peppers, cucumbers, celery, or carrots. My favorite combo is this Roasted Garlic Hummus served with Red Peppers. It’s always a pool winner!

What about you? What are your favorite pool snacks? I’d love to hear your ideas for smart pool treats! 

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