Spring Cleaning for Late Bloomers: Fridge Edition

a clean refrigerator

Spring Cleaning for Late Bloomers: Fridge Edition

While technically it’s summertime as of the summer solstice on 6/21, spring cleaning is always a good idea. As we head in to the season of cook outs and cocktail parties and the full social spectrum, let’s take a moment to straighten out the all important heart of the kitchen, shall we?

Think for a moment- when was the last time you gave your fridge a full cleaning? A took-everything-out-and-scrubbed sort of cleaning? If you’re still trying to remember, it was too long ago. Between the mysterious substances that hide in corners and certain foods’ habit of picking up ambient scents, you will be so very glad you did. So- clear yourself some counter (or clean floor) space and let’s begin:

  • Have a sponge, a clean rag and a scrub brush handy for maximum ease; a bucket of soapy water is also your friend. While you may be tempted to go for the heavy duty cleaners, you’ll be amazed what a scrub brush and simple soap can accomplish. For tougher jobs, add a splash of white vinegar.
  • Remove all food from your fridge, and put in a place where you will not trip over it.
  • If you have removable racks and drawers, rejoice! Take them out, too.
  • Now: Use the scrub brush to scour any and all sticky, stinky or suspicious corners. Next, use the sponge to remove the residue. Lastly, damp clean rag to get that oh-so-clean look.
  • Take your shelves and drawers to the easiest cleaning location- this may be your sink, your shower, or your bathtub. Scrub, sponge, wipe.
  • While these dry, scrub the front, top and sides of your fridge. Be mystified, but not horrified, by the strange stickiness that you find.
  • Reassemble your fridge. Take a step back. Feel good about yourself. Before you put everything back, take a minute.

Think about how you use your fridge- what should be easiest to reach? What can stand hiding in the back? Are you trying to eat more leafy greens? Then prioritize your space accordingly. If you have any small baskets, you may want to use them organize your produce- I find this both lovely to look at, as well as helping to avoid that “fridge is full but nothing to eat” phenomenon.

  • Put back your food, as it pleases you. Feel satisfied, perhaps even smug, to have done it top-to-toe. Take a picture. Call it a day.

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