Stay Hydrated this 4th of July

Lots of fruit juices

Ah the fourth- delicious food, abundant cocktails, hot weather and an opportunity to celebrate with those you love in the great outdoors. These are a few of my favorite things. The only issue? That delicious food, cocktail, weather and exposure to the sun are a perfect storm for dehydration.

Fried, baked and salty foods can all dehydrate you, and never forget that alcohol is a diuretic (causing you to lose fluid even as you consume it). The temperatures in many places across the nation are in the 90’s, and that’s before humidity, which will inevitably cause fluid loss via perspiration. Unchecked, this can go from mild dehydration all the way through heat stroke, which is a significant concern and an unnecessary addition to your weekend’s festivities.

In order to keep yourself casino in fine form through the weekend, drink more water than you think you need, and add the following high-water foods to your menus where possible: watermelons, cucumbers, celery and lettuce (iceberg in particular), strawberries, papaya grapefruit, tomatoes, and radishes. Note that many of these work well for cocktails and coolers as well. Pay attention to how you are feeling- if your lips feel chapped or your mouth feels dry, find a non-alcoholic beverage and drink it down (in the shade for bonus points).

Wishing you all a wonderful (and water-full) 4th of July!

For more hydrating food ideas:,,20709014,00.html

For more on symptoms and treatment of dehydration:


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