Summer stress relief

In the height of the hot weather, many are looking for summer stress relief. Next time you feel frazzled, why not add a simple meditation practice to your routine to help calm your body and mind? Here are some easy tools you can use to feel calmer and more focused.

Sounds True
Sounds True publishes more than 500 titles about the spiritual journey, meditation, psychology, creativity, health and healing, self-discovery, relationships, and more. These programs, ranging between one and five hours in length, are original recordings featuring teachers who present their ideas. Sounds True recordings are typically unscripted—helping the listening to connect with the author and delve deep into a realm of better understanding.

21 Drops offers a modern, stylish approach to aromatherapy. Each of 21 Drops essential oil blends treats a particular concern or aspiration, empowering people to relax, restore and renew. The De-Stress, PMS relief, Calm and Uplift blends are particularly good to help balance the body in times of stress and can be easily used in conjunction with a meditation practice.

Singing Bowls and Mala Beads
Singing Bowls date back around 1500 years and have been utilized in ancient Tibetan Ceremonies and Practices. A singing bowl is played by resting the bowl on the flat of the hand and rotating the stick around the outside rim of the bowl. This produces a vibration, which creates a hum. This natural and harmonious sound emitted by singing bowls is used to create a state of deep relaxation. In addition, Mala Beads have been utilized equally as long and are meant to help someone keep track as they recite positive messages or mantras to soothe the mind.

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