What is a Sustainable Food?

A sustainable food is not something that can last in your pantry for what seems like forever, like say, perhaps a Twinkie or a jar of trans-fat laden peanut butter. A sustainable food sustains life.

Sustainable agriculture is “an integrated system of plant and animal production practices having a site-specific application that will last over the long term.” It is a way of protecting the local environment and natural biological systems. This is key to the preservation and protection of natural food diversity and variety. Through sustainable agriculture, there is more choice in what is available for us to eat locally.

An organic food is a sustainable food. And, studies shows that organic foods are higher in antioxidants, and lower in pesticide residue than conventionally farmed foods. So, not only does sustainable agriculture protect the environment, sustainable foods most likely benefit to our health. To me, healthier food equals healthier people.

And, with more and more farms converting back to organic farming practices from conventional methods, global sustainability may be our not so distance future. This makes me very happy. Imagine a world in which we can have peace of mind about what’s on our plate! I’m tired of being so anxious about what I eat. Let’s change this and all engage in sustainable eating practices.

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