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With the rush of getting those last minute gifts for everyone on your list, it’s nice to remember that—if you’ve been incorporating organic food into your diet—you’ve already been generously giving good health to your family. We’re going to send you a series of short notes over the coming days to let you know you are giving your family the best in heath and taste with Wild Oats organic food.

Take our tomatoes, for example. The organic tomatoes used in Wild Oats’ canned tomatoes, soups and salsas contain nearly double the levels of two important antioxidants, according to a 10-year study conducted by the University of California, Davis. Those tomatoes also have less than half of the amount of the toxic metal cadmium than the tomatoes grown on conventional farms.

And, organic tomatoes and other crops have four times less pesticide residues than the crops grown on conventional farms.

That’s certainly something to feel good about this Holiday season.

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