The Democratization Of Organics Could Actually Make People Nicer

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Wild Oats may have struck a beautifully karmic cord by democratizing organics. Turns out that the shift to more affordable organic food could impact more that just the health of consumers. The democratization of organics could actually make people nicer.

Okay, it’s a given that those who regularly purchase organics are concerned about their health and the environment. But a recent survey published in SAGE Journal‘s Social Psychological & Personality Science update reports that people who routinely purchased high-priced organics felt that they were “doing enough” for planet and community, and were less likely to participate in volunteerism. What’s more, according to the study the high-priced organic purchasers was more likely to be judgmental and selfish.

Why? They study cites the feeling by participants that by paying more for organics, the group felt that they were already giving enough, and didn’t need to extend themselves any further to help the environment or the less fortunate.

By contrast, those who participated in the study who spent less on food in general were more likely to participate in philanthropy, and had kinder and less judgmental attitudes toward their fellow man.

So Wild Oats, by virtue of their very goal — to make organics more affordable — has created a situation that could pay off not just in health and environmental ways, but in making the world a nicer place.

Spending less money to have healthy, environmentally-friendly organic foods could have a ripple effect across our country, creating a more friendly, happier and more charitable world.

Way to go Wild Oats!

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