The Nutritional Benefits of Wild Oats Organic Applesauce

Applesauce Nutrition Tidbit:

Astronaut John Glenn, who was the first American to orbit the Earth, brought pureed applesauce in squeezable tubes on his initial space flight, proving that applesauce is a food that’s nutritionally out of this world!


The Nutritional Benefits of Wild Oats Organic Applesauce:

Nutritionally Authentic:

USDA Certified Organic food product

Short, all-natural ingredient list

Nutritionally Affordable:


Made with organic apples and available at an affordable cost

Wild Oats Marketplace unsweetened applesauce has no added sugar; it’s just naturally sweet because it’s made with apples.

Wild Oats organic sweetened applesauce makes a delicious and nutritious dessert choice.

Can be used to replace oil in baking to cut down on fat in recipes and up the nutritionally quality of the baked good.

Nutritionally Accessible:

Grab-and-go packaging option, which fits easily into a purse, lunchbox, or backpack. Shelf-stable pantry solution.

Medical Nutrition Therapy Tips and Solutions:

Pregnancy: Add easily-digestible calories to the diet while being gentle on the stomach. It’s a quick grab-n-go food to address hunger pangs.

Infant: Introduce your infant (greater than 6 months old) to new fruits with this organic, healthy soft food.

Toddlers: Teach your toddler how to use a spoon with applesauce. There may be a mess but it’s easy to clean up.

Child/Adolescence Teenage: Add a fruit serving to a picky eater’s diet. Nourishing, quick grab-n-go food for kids on the run.

Athletes all of ages: Easily digestible fuel source for before or after exercise.

Adult/College: Easy way to add a fruit to your diet and meet your 5 a day quota.

Elderly: Pureed to soft texture; can be eaten without teeth.

Diabetes: Choose unsweetened to lower amount of added sugar in diet.

Heart Disease: Wild Oats Marketplace organic applesauces are fat-free.

High Blood Pressure: Wild Oats Marketplace organic applesauces are low-sodium.

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