The Truest Essential – Salt Part 2

In a time when our current prescription antibiotics are posing problems as well as solutions, perhaps we should return to the sea for answers. Salt water it seems, is highly effective in battling a large variety of common microbes, and can help with everything from indigestion and skin conditions to sore throats.

Soaking damaged tissue in Sea Salt has a drying effect. It has antiseptic properties on bacteria and infection while encouraging the formation of connective tissue and blood vessels, which are a key to healing.

Discover salts many nuances – and rediscover its age-old healing and health benefits. Take the time to enjoy this amazing essential compound.

Health Benefits of Sea Salt:

  • Supports Immune System
  • Assists in alkalizing
  • Aids weight Loss
  • Important to hydration
  • Can help heal and relieve skin conditions & asthma
  • Important to muscle and heart health
  • Helps balance blood sugar / Diabetes,
  • Can help prevent osteoporosis, muscle spasms and depression.

Bottom line: You can’t live without it! Guess living is like a pretty nice benefit!

To learn more

10 health benefits of sea salt


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