Unique Natural Wrinkle Fighters

Everyone wants beautiful and youthful skin, without resorting to drastic, “frozen-looking” measures! Thankfully, there are natural approaches you can take to help to repair and transform your skin without looking like an overdone Real Housewife. Here are some easy and unique natural wrinkle fighters to help improve your skin’s texture and tone.

Shea Butter
Shea Butter is a natural humectant, which means that it helps to naturally pull moisture into the skin. Look for products that utilize 100% Organic Raw Shea to moisturize and protect to improve skin’s firmness. Try doting it on your “crows-feet” on the sides of your eyes to help repair this critical area. Look for organic shea oil infused with other ingredients for just $12.99 from Nubian Heritage.

Concentrated Flower and Berry Extracts
You’ll see a variety of products on the market with concentrated extracts from flowers and berries that are full of beneficial antioxidants and omegas that feed aging skin. Some of these ingredients, like white peony, raspberry extract and rose water, have been used for centuries to help beautify and renew the skin. Make sure to check out lines like Leaf People and Red Flower that are producing products with focused ingredients that are aimed specifically for wrinkles.

Silica is a mineral that helps with our connective tissues, which is a crucial component to healthy and youthful collagen. You can utilize silica both internally and externally. Look for it in colloidal gel form or as a cell salt. People report that simply rubbing Silica gel on their face produces great, wrinkle-free results!

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