Veggie Cream Cheese Recipe Re-solution

veggie cream cheese on bagel

I bought a bag of carrots and celery last week at the grocery store with hesitation- I was making my favorite white beans with rice recipe, however I end up throwing away the last few pieces of those pre-packaged vegetables because they have turned soggy and rotten before I can use them, and I really don’t like to waste food.

The next day, my co-worker who sits in the next cubicle over and I were chatting, commiserating over the fact that we have both developed a serious bagel addiction since moving to New York City, and that even though we live in the bagel capital of the world, most bagels here are imposters: flavorless white bread in the shape of a bagel and not crafted like an actual real bagel, and therefore not at all worth the calories. And, I haven’t found a place around the office that serves up good vegetable cream cheese- just lame little pieces of diced red peppers added for color and an excuse to charge more, and nothing more.

Then it dawned on me- I could make my own vegetable cream cheese and use up the leftover carrots and celery aging in my fridge, and add some herbs I had too. And, I prefer a lot of vegetables in my cream cheese, which adds a ton of texture, flavor and nutrition, and can be used on a piece of whole grain toast- a re-solution to manage my imposter bagel consumption, saving me time, energy and money wasted on something I don’t enjoy eating.

Veggie Herb Cream Cheese Recipe:

-1 container of plain cream cheese, room temperature

-Vegetables you need to use up (like carrots, celery, radishes, summer squash)

-Herbs you need to use up (like parsley, chives, dill)

-Whole Grain Bread, toasted

Chop vegetables and herbs fine. Fold in to cream cheese. Store in a reusable airtight container in the fridge. Top on whole grain toast, or a real bagel, if you can find one or make one at home.

This is a great re-solution recipe for you and the kids to grab and go on your way out the door in the morning.

Do you have a recipe re-solution? Please share it with us and comment on this post. Thanks!


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