Vibropathics to heal emotions

Have you ever heard of vibropathic remedies? Vibropathics are remedies that use vibrations to heal the body in new ways. I was lucky enough to be introduced to this form of therapy when I was a young girl and have been using the remedies with great success for most of my life. I’ve utilized vibropathics to heal emotions, specifically to help elevate my mood and fight anxiety and depression.

Like homeopathics, vibropathics encourage the body to heal itself naturally. The key difference is that homeopathics utilize plants and other things in nature, while vibropathics focus on using straight energy vibrations to positively influence how people feel.

When it comes specifically to emotions, some of my favorite vibropathics have been parasite remedies, like the Protozoa Vibropathic remedy that helps dispel unwanted critters from the body. It’s been amazing to me how much better I feel about life after cleansing my body of parasites. Make sure to check out my other article to learn more about natural ways to get rid of parasites.

While using vibropathics may seem to be a foreign concept, if you think about how how energetic vibrations work in science, it starts to make a lot of sense. There have been profound studies that measure how different energies work…why not use these energies to heal? Head here to learn more about this exciting form of healing and share your comments below on what you think.

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