Get up and move! Somehow or Another

Sure, we’ve heard all the amazing benefits of daily exercise. Considering we know how awesome exercise is for us, why are we not moving our bodies everyday?

I came across this funny article in the hilarious spoof newspaper, The Onion, in which the headline reads, “Majority Of Americans Never Use Physical Education After High School”. It’s so funny because it’s so true. And, so very, very sad at the same time.

Granted, even though The Onion is a satirical publication at pokes fun at the way we choose to live our daily lives, there is definitely some truth to this article because, more often than not, we do not apply what we know is good for us when it comes to our health and well-being. We have great intentions, yet it’s in the “application” process of living an active lifestyle and maintaining it, where we Americans seem to have a major disconnect.

So, how should we solve the problem of an inactive life? Should we put on our gym clothes and exercise an hour or so everyday? The reality is that for most Americans, it is nearly impossible to do this. We don’t have a built environment to set ourselves up for success. And, it doesn’t feel good when set expectations that are out of our reach and then as a result, we can’t achieve them.

My solution to maintaining an active lifestyle to “just do it.” And, Nike is not even paying me to say this! I just know that I feel better if I carve out at least fifteen minutes here and there through out the day to get up and move. And, usually once I hit fifteen minutes, I want to keep on moving because it feels so good.

Be proactive by giving yourself a mental prep talk about the benefits of exercise, so that when an opportunity for you to take a break and exercise arrives, you take the time to do so.

It is work to work out a workout schedule. Life is a whole bunch of work- and that’s why it is always important to be positive and proactive about working. And “working out.”

And, if you don’t know of an activity that you enjoy doing, experiment with a whole bunch and find one that will make your heart beat faster than it would when you are sitting at your desk or driving in your car, or watching television- otherwise, when you are being inactive.

Take the stairs whenever you can. Bike if possible. Play with your kid in the playground or at the park. Just get up and move! You’ll be a bit happier, and a bit healthier, and so will your loved ones. It works for me, I hope it works for you.

Do you have a workout “tip” or “trick”? Please share it with us.

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