What exactly are homeopathic remedies anyway?

Have you ever wondered what exactly are homeopathic remedies anyway? If so, you’re not alone. Even though homeopathic remedies have been around much longer than most types of Western medicine, many people have no idea what they are or how to use them.

Homeopathy was first discovered by Samuel Hahnemann in 1796 when he came up with the principle that “like cures like.” Thus, each homeopathic remedy is made from an extremely diluted substance from nature (like an herb or plant) that has similar qualities to the symptoms it is targeting.  It is thought that when the body encounters the homeopathic, it responds and combats the corresponding symptoms. Since the homeopathic is diluted it is NOT considered an herbal remedy.

Although homeopathy has had its critics, it’s sheer staying power and number of users around the world say a lot about its effectiveness. The World Health Organization estimates that there are more than half a billion people who use homeopathy worldwide. In fact, homeopathic remedies are used by England’s Royal Family and are widely prescribed by physicians in Europe and Asia.

When choosing a homeopathic remedy it’s a good idea to first check with your health care provider. You may be pleasantly surprised how many western physicians are becoming more knowledgeable about homeopathy and can advise you accordingly. Recently, a friend told me about a doctor she discovered who is both a Naturopath and a MD – pretty exciting stuff! If your primary doctor isn’t experienced, consider reaching out to a Naturopath or Homeopath for a recommendation.

Regardless of which remedies that you end up using there are general rules that apply to taking all homeopathic remedies. First, never touch them as this can disturb the remedies. Instead, always pour them into the bottle cap first before putting them into your mouth and letting them dissolve under your tongue. If you use a liquid, squirt it directly under your tongue without touching the dropper to your mouth. Next, don’t eat or drink anything for at least 20 minutes before or after you take the homeopathic so that they can be absorbed directly into your system.

Lastly, if you purchase your remedies from a health food store, ask the cashier not to scan them at checkout. Although some argue that scanning is fine, there is also a belief that it might weaken the energetic quality of the homeopathic—so there’s no point in taking the chance.

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