Why I love Cauliflower

Someone asked me about cauliflower and whether I like it. The answer is yes. Here is why I love cauliflower.

Cauliflower is a really interesting vegetable to me first, because it is white and most white foods are not great for you – like white sugar and white flour – but white cauliflower can be wonderful. Let me tell you my favorite ways. First and foremost any type of thick sauce, thick and creamy soup, even mashed potatoes substitutes can be made with cauliflower.

Here is the simple method. Trim the cauliflower so you get mostly the florets not the middle stem then boil or preferably steam your cauliflower florets until they are quite soft. Then for soup, purée with a little chicken stock or even butter until you get the soup consistency you like. I love to add a little fresh rosemary with olive oil drizzled on the top. The other way is mash with a fork and substitute for potatoes with a little salt and pepper and then if you are making a purée, for say a piece of fish, you could add garlic olive oil and parsley –wonderful! Also this is a great way to get vegetables into fussy kids. I did it regularly and I don’t think they ever knew.

So cauliflower is the one white food you should use often and most people will think it’s potatoes or cream.

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