Why natural sunscreen?

Have you ever wondered why you should consider natural sunscreen and if it is really better for you? While there are arguments on both sides of the coin, more evidence is mounting that natural sunscreen may be your best bet.

Some compelling research came in 1991 when Professor Johan Moan of the Norwegian Cancer Institute found that melanoma in Norway had increased by 350 percent for men and by 440 percent for women between 1957 to 1984 despite the fact that there had been no change in the ozone layer during that time. If this is really the case, then something besides ozone depletion was responsible for increased melanoma. What could that be?

Experts have pondered if ingredients in traditional sunscreen are to blame for increased health risks. Some popular sunscreens block essential D vitamins and contain an array of artificial fragrances, chemical colors, fillers and stabilizers. For instance, they may contain benzophenone (oxybenzone, sulizobenzone, dioxybenzone, mexenone), which has demonstrated an ability to increase the production of harmful free radicals and even negatively impact DNA cells. A study showed that after individuals applied sunscreen containing 4% benzophenone-3, it was found in their urine five days later.

On the other hand, Natural Sunscreens utilize high quality natural and organic ingredients and minerals to offer consumers an effective alternative to chemicals. Also, users report that natural options often feel better on the skin. One complaint is that natural sunscreens lack staying power, however, each season more options and better formulas emerge that are worth giving a second look. While searching for a natural sunscreen, consider one with zinc or titanium that meets the Environmental Working Group’s strict criteria for a safer sunscreen.


Environmental Working Group’s annual Sunscreen Guide

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