Wild Oats #12DaysofOrganic DIY Décor Ideas

Brighten your home with some clever handmade holiday decorations. From bright ornaments and creative wreaths to a fun and playful reindeer like the one here, there are tons of holiday crafts you can make with your kiddos that only require items most every household has. Your kids will love to help out and you’ll love it because they are inexpensive options.

Here’s an idea starter for a homemade holiday decoration!

Here’s what you’ll need:

A planter’s pot (new or slightly used)
Pipe cleaners
Construction paper or felt (in the colors you choose)
Super glue
Stick-on googly eyes
Wild Oats Organic Elbow Macaroni
Something for the red nose (perhaps cotton balls or fabric)

How to get started:

Since there is no wrong way to make DIY Decorations, we encourage you to let your creativity take-over. Here are a few tips to get you started:
Use the planter’s pot as the base
Lay out the materials you have and plot out the reindeer’s face on sketch paper or on a work table
Go to town, making ears, nose and placing the eyes
From there, let your imagination run wild!
Let all glue dry thoroughly before you showcase your new decoration!

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