How Being a Vino Can Be Good for You

We’ve all heard about the benefits of drinking a glass of wine with dinner now and then. After all, wine contains resveratrol, a powerful nutrient that might help prevent depression, fight aging and protect your heart. But have you ever heard of actually rubbing wine on your body or even bathing in it to promote good health?

Vinotherapy, also know as “Vinotherapie” describes a newish therapy where people bathe in wine or rub it into their skin. The pips and pulp of wine are thought to have excellent exfoliating qualities and even prevent aging. The practice traces back to 1993 when Mathilde Thomas decided to extract the oils from the red grape branches, vines and seeds from her parents’ winery and make skin care products out of them.

Her skin care line, known as Caudalie, consists of anti-aging products that combine grape oils with other youth-inspiring ingredients. Beyond putting on the face, bathing in the red grape branches, vines and seeds (not alcohol) is thought to increase circulation. But does it really work?

Well, if you talk to some well-known celebrities they would tell you that it does the trick. Famous folks such as New York Knicks forward Amar’e Stoudemire have touted the benefits (he says it helps refresh his legs). But, the evidence is mixed.

Some experts point to studies that show the powerful benefits of resveratrol to show the value of vinotherapy. However, while many believe that the resveratrol in wine is good when consumed, the question is if it is ALSO good when absorbed into the skin. Regardless, many agree that there is something about the therapy that seems appealing. Check out the luxurious Caudalie vinotherapy treatment you can receive at the famous Plaza hotel. Now, who wouldn’t want to do that??

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