Cooking for yourself is not mission impossible!

woman eating alone

During the years I was married to a man in the military, I lived alone a lot.

The first time he deployed, all these questions were popping up in my head when I arrived home from work to an empty house.

Who would I talk to? I could always call or text someone. Or, go out for a drink or coffee with a friend. That’s what Facebook is for, I figured. No problem!

Who would I watch TV with? My mom watches Homeland too so we could gossip about what’s happening on the show when we talk next.

And then, it dawned on me- Who will I cook for? I love cooking dinner for us. And, I can’t afford to eat out or do takeout all the time! Oh, no. There will be nobody home at dinnertime but… me.

Military spouses have to be very savvy and creative some times. Because of this, they are excellent at adapting, and implement change quickly.

I know I can do this, I encouraged myself.

And, I did. It wasn’t easy, but cooking just for “me” was not mission impossible! I decided to use that alone-time as an opportunity to improve my cooking skills, so that I could really impress my man when he came home.

First, I did some research online and flipped through a few cookbooks given to us as gifts. I found a tantalizing yet simple recipe for classic roast chicken. I’d eat some for dinner that night, I thought, and figure out a way to utilize the leftover chicken meat.

Since I love curry chicken salad, I experimented a few times and came up with my own recipe. It was really fun to teach myself how to make a something that I personally really enjoy eating.

I learned a lot during those times alone, not just about cooking, but about myself. And, most importantly, I learned how to be a stronger person, both in and out of the kitchen.

Not only did I impress my man when he came home with my cooking skills, but also because he knew he didn’t have to worry so much about me taking care of myself the next time he went away.

Cooking just for you is an act of self-care. Be good to yourself, and everyone will benefit!

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