Use Tea Tree Oil To Kill Mold And Mildew

Tea Tree oil

In many areas, summer means hot and humid.  And mold and mildew, too.  When humidity reaches the 75% range, mIldew can appear almost overnight on the outside of houses, in bathrooms, in kitchens.

But Tea Tree Oil is a very effective way to fight mold and mildew, before they can get a strong foothold.

Unlike the old stand by, bleach, Tea Tree Oil is safe, natural and cleans like crazy!

Tea Tree Oil does have a very strong smell, almost like a pine-scented cleaner.  But the smell is non-toxic and will dissipate within a few days.  The only real draw back to using Tea Tree Oil is the cost, which can be high.  But even a small bottle will make several batches of mold and mildew spray.  And considering how toxic bleach is and how bad mildew and mold can be, it’s one purchase I’m happy to pay a little extra for.

Find 2oz. of Tea Tree Oil for $7.96 at Walmart, or at most health and beauty stores.

Homemade Tea Tree Oil Mold And Mildew Spray

Mix 2-3 teaspoons of the Tea Tree Oil with two cups of water in a spray bottle.  Use liberally on ceilings, walls, in bathrooms, even on rugs and shower curtains–almost any place you find mold and mildew.  Don’t rinse!  Allow to dry completely.  Repeat as necessary.

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