Curb that After Mealtime Sweet Tooth with Fruit

If you’re like me you want something sweet after a meal, and while there are many risks of eating too much sugar, fruit is a natural way to satisfy that sweet tooth without overdoing your daily intake.

Here are some of the many nutrition benefits of eating fruit: cholesterol free, low in fat and sodium, and generally high in fiber, potassium, vitamin C and folate. Eating fruit can lower your risk of cancer and may help maintain healthy blood pressure levels.

Here are 2 ways to get your sweet on while increasing your daily fruit intake:

-Cut some fresh fruit and set aside on a platter or in a bowl, and serve it right after the meal. To prevent browning of the cut fruit while you eat your meal, squeeze some lemon or lime juice over it. The acid in citrus acts as a natural preservative. When you eat a sweet food right after a meal, it digests along with the other foods you just ate, and therefore doesn’t spike your blood sugar as much as if the sweet were eaten later or on it’s own in-between meals.

-Core and cut in half an organic apple or pear. Sprinkle with Wild Oats organic ground cinnamon, and add a tad of organic brown sugar or grade A maple syrup. Add some dried oats too if you like, and bake for about 10-15 minutes at 350 degrees. Top with low sugar, low fat yogurt. (This is the kind of dessert that you don’t feel guilty eating for breakfast either!) Makes two servings (1/2 per person).

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