Make Your Own Natural Love Potion

Do you believe that you have the ability to attract love into your life? Have you ever witnessed someone who seems to have the best love life and you can’t figure out what they are doing that you aren’t? It may seem far-fetched to some, but you can change your love life drastically by opening yourself up and healing your emotions. The truth is that you CAN make your own natural love potion and create the romance you desire.

Are you unconsciously blocking love?
This can be a hard thing to see in yourself when you really want love in your life and have a hard time evaluating your feelings and actions. Maybe you’ve been hurt in the past and decided that you weren’t going to think about it so you just decided to push your pain down deep inside and think about it later. Or, maybe you are so busy in your life that you aren’t making room for the love you truly deserve. This can be tricky, because you may be dating, but you find yourself dating all the wrong people. So in those cases, it’s easy to say, “I just haven’t found him/her yet” when in reality you know that there is an issue you aren’t addressing. When is the last time that you really evaluated all your feelings and actions in an objective way? Try looking in the mirror and actually asking your own refection if you inviting the love you want into your life.

Natural remedies to open up your heart
The good news is that there are lots of natural tools that can help you to break through and find the love that you want. I like to think of these remedies as my own natural love potions that I can use whenever I want to. Keep in mind that we are all different and you might discover something that works for you that is completely different than what I suggest. The point is to open yourself up to the natural tools that will help you create the romantic life you desire. Look and you will find!

Specific Remedies to Attract Love
Do you fear love or just have a lot of anxiety in your life? Perhaps you could benefit from a natural remedy that helps to alleviate fear. Luckily, one of the best is one that you can find in almost every natural grocery store. Rescue Remedy is a stress-relief remedy made from flower essences that can help you if you feel unsure and anxious about love. However, make sure to check out the other remedies in the Bach line for a more exact remedy that describes your emotional obstacles. They offer a number of targeted remedies to help to build confidence and cleanse your emotions. Another great remedy to help with fear is a Vibropathic that I’ve used for sometime called simply “Fear.” This targeted remedy was developed by Hanna Kroeger, known as a pioneer in natural health. You can also utilize crystals, like rose quartz, to bring more love into your life. Another great and easy tool is to utilize essential oils to make you feel more attractive. One of my favorite essential oils for this is Vanilla Essential oil, which is a sensual scent that people find simply irresistible.

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