How To Ease Winter Workout Blahs

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If you’re like me, winter is always a difficult workout time. Cold, gray days are not only a bit depressing, but the extra clothing I need to be outside in the chilled air makes me feel like the Michelin Man. But I’m determined to keep my resolve strong and not give in to the call of my toasty bed. Care to join me? Here are a few ideas on how to ease winter workout blahs.

Buddy Up – Winter is the perfect time to ask a friend to join you when you workout. Having a pal around can motivate you in several ways. First, it gives you accountability. You’re more likely to show up because you won’t want to leave your friend hanging. Second, talking with a friend automatically elevates your mood. You’ll be in better spirits before, during and after your workout. And lastly, working out with a friend gives you a challenge. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of friendly competition. Use it increase your motivation during the bleak winter months.

Mix It Up – Trying something new is always a good idea. But especially if you’ve been doing the same workout for a while, you might benefit from mixing things up a bit. Add in Pilates or yoga if you’re a runner. Or switch to racquetball if you’ve be into spinning. Changing things up will give you a new challenge. You’ll also meet new people, which can boost wintertime spirits.

Take It Up – Want to really look forward to winter? Find an outdoor activity you love that is only available during the cold months. Try skiing, snowboarding or ice skating. All these activities burn tons of calories, and are truly outdoor activities. Remember the fun you had as a kid sledding and skating? You can find that thrill again by taking up a fun outdoor winter activity.

Don’t Give Up – Realize that everyone goes through the winter blahs, and that you’re not alone. Be a bit flexible with your winter routine. Create alternate plans for bad weather days or days when you might oversleep. If you’re having a particularly difficult time working out, give yourself a reward for getting it done. The most important thing is to keep trying. When spring finally blooms, you’ll be glad you did.


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