Only an Egg can be an Egg

When my wife contributed some money to a national charity recently, she received a free subscription to one of a variety of magazines. She chose Food and Wine.

For the last few months, I’ve enjoyed reading the articles publicizing a wide variety of culinary creations, many produced with organic or all-natural ingredients. So, I was somewhat taken aback last month when I flipped open the magazine and came to an article entitled “Growing a $30 million egg.” According to the article, a group of investors, scientists and chefs have been working furiously in the laboratory to combine a bit of this, and a pinch of that to create something that looks and tastes like an egg. Personally, I don’t care if investors want to pump $50 or $100 million into this venture. And, it doesn’t matter to me if the concoction includes artichoke hearts and eye of newt.

Just don’t call it an egg.

In an era when more and more of us are gravitating toward natural food, why do we allow totally un-natural foods to masquerade as their actual counterparts? Milk comes from cows and goats, not soybeans and almonds. Hamburgers are made with beef or bison, not tofu. And eggs come from chickens.

I’m all for variety and new products. But I’m also all for truth in labeling. Honestly.

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