Eat to Hydrate: Six High-Water Content Fruits

Those six hydrating veggies I listed aren’t the only good-for-you foods that deserve to come along in your backpack. These fruits are easy to take along, great at replenishing lost fluids, and are especially good if you have a sweet tooth after a workout.

So don’t be tempted to sabotage a workout with candy or one of those extra-sweet “fitness” bars. By replenishing fluids lost through exercise with the following water-rich fruits, you’ll get the fluids you need and benefit from a nutrient-boost at the same time:

  • Watermelon is much more than just a refreshing summer treat. It’s also a great source of lycopene, which fights cancer and is believed to help prevent age-related eye disorders, as well as helping your body absorb iron.
    Another neat thing to do with watermelon is to blend cubes for a really simple smoothie (nothing else needs to be added!) A watermelon “drink” is also great to take along on really sweaty days.
  • Cantaloupe is another hydrating and healthy melon to bring along with you. It’s easy to cube and travels well!
  • Grapefruit, at 90 percent water, is an especially ‘great fruit’ when you’re doing things that cause you to sweat. It’s also believed to have fat-burning properties and to help stave off cravings.
  • Oranges, peaches and pineapple all contain at least 85 percent water, and can be either eaten individually or combined in a fruit salad. And if fruit salad is your preference, why not scoop it onto a bed of fresh spinach, which, at 92 percent water, is also loaded with cancer-fighting antioxidants and generous doses of vitamins A and E.

Instead of packing these snacks up in a disposable plastic bag, go the reusable container way. It’s better for the environment and you will always be following the “carry in, carry out” rule without even thinking about it.

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