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I would love to introduce you to an amazing group of people who have come together in a collaborative effort around the cause of making your organic food choices to be more affordable, accessible and authentic as signified by the Wild Oats brand. We’re inspired by how many people have loved the Wild Oats brand for many years. Our goal is to delight customers with a full range of great tasting foods in the organic and natural sections of your store at more affordable prices than you have ever seen before.

What’s most exciting is that Wild Oats is a beloved brand with a rich heritage and now we’re building Wild Oats in response to your needs. We’re creating a legacy by taking cost out of inefficient distribution, allowing organic farmers to achieve greater scale and passing on savings to customers.

Wild Oats’ mission and culture are consistent with the organic food industry. We promote sustainable organic agricultural practices, minimize impact on the environment and provide the best available foods in the marketplace at the best price. We believe the good food that you want should not be thought of as a luxury!

I know the importance organic agriculture and quality food as it’s core to my lifestyle.  I have 5 daughters and a son and we practice organic farming on our 70-acre farm in New Jersey.  Last season we had a full harvest including arugula, kale, tomatoes, potatoes, strawberries, broccoli, herbs, sunflowers and of course zucchinis that want to take over the world. There’s nothing better than picking fresh tomatoes off the vine for lunch in the summer. As I sit here on a cold rainy day in early spring, I’m dreaming of summer harvest.

My family motivates me to live a healthy lifestyle.  Having children makes us aware of our vulnerability and the importance of providing the healthiest possible foods even at early ages.  I’m also driven by my wife who aspires to beat me in a triathlon (next chance in May), my doctor who scares me annually and by my nutritionist whom I take seriously.

Education has always been an important part of Wild Oats going back to the 1980’s. We try to provide useful information on our website and our social media platform is intended to start a dialogue with you.  We’re starting a movement that will make it easier for customers to find and enjoy certified organic foods with clean simple ingredients.

I’m delighted that you’re visiting our website and your involvement with the brand is critical.  My name is Tom Casey, I’m the CEO and my email is Tom@WildOats.com.  I encourage you to write anytime with your thoughts on what we can be doing better. Let me know what you think and I hope you will join us on this journey — Tom


Our Wild Oats bloggers are partners who love to share their passion and knowledge about better living! While we compensate them for being a part of this vibrant community, their views and opinions are their own and do not signify Wild Oats' opinions, endorsement or recommendations. Wild Oats reserves the right to moderate and remove comments that are off-topic or inappropriate, so please help us keep this community clean, fun and valuable!

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