Healthy Road Trips Snacks for your Spring Break Trip

Growing up, the part of vacations with my family that I loved the most were always the road trips to get there. This was back before minivans with dvd players, Mp3 players, handheld video games and other new technology that makes road trips tolerable as an adult. Back then, I loved the conversations we’d have as we traveled down the highway, the games we’d play with the license plates we’d see, the fun goody bags that my Mom would make up for each of us to open along the way and since we weren’t a family that snacked often, I loved all the great road trip snacks that my Mom would pack. It made the whole trip feel so special.

Now, I want to pass on the special parts of road trips to my kids. I will pack them each a goody bag filled with things to do along the way. I will require the electronics be turned off for a portion of the trip. And I will pack a bunch of delicious snacks to take as well. Here are a few of the Healthy Road Trip Snacks that will be traveling with us this year.

1. Wild Oats Marketplace Organic Granola Bars – Granola bars are a great snack for road trips. They are easy to eat on the go and they don’t make a mess. They are great to throw into your bag while you are on vacation as well. Be sure to pack extra boxes so you don’t have to buy expensive snacks during your trip.

2. Wild Oats Marketplace Organic Honey Graham Teddy Bears – Another easy snack for road trips that won’t make a mess of the car. These little guys can be put into individual containers so everyone has some and there are no arguments over who’s hogging the box. Bring a few boxes along with you, these are great for the beach, an amusement park or a day hiking with the kids.

3. Wild Oats Marketplace Organic Cinnamon Apple Sauce Cups – I usually pack up sandwiches, carrot sticks and some fruit for us to have at a rest stop along the way. We have a little picnic on the benches while stretching our legs and giving the kids a chance to burn off some energy. These apple sauce cups would be perfect for lunch. If there’s any mess, it won’t be in the car!

4. Salty Snacks – There are a few of us who love having salty snacks while on the road and Wild Oats Marketplace has some delicious organic options to please everyone in my family. Whether you love popcorn, pretzels or tortilla chips, you can’t go wrong with these organic snacks.

5. Something Sweet – No road trip is complete without a little something sweet to enjoy along the way. We always pick up a bit of everyone’s favorite candy or cookie. This year, I’m trying to make things a bit healthier by eating more natural so I will bake up some muffins or cookies to take along on our road trips. Wild Oats Marketplace has ingredients like cinnamon and coconut flakes that can be used for them as well.

What I like about Wild Oats Marketplace products is where I can find them. When I’m getting the family ready for a road trip, I want to run as few errands as possible. Getting everything in one place is a great help and finding affordable organics is essential. All of these things can be found at Walmart which helps us prepare and pack up as efficiently as possible, getting us on the road in no time.

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