Your Fit Friend’s Secrets Revealed!

Have you ever wondered why it seems like some of your fittest friends are always eating ice cream and still look amazing? What secrets do they share that you don’t know about? Read on to learn some inspiring (and simple) habits of fit people that might surprise you!

Eat More Raw Foods
Eating raw food gives us beneficial enzymes that enable our bodies to function properly. As we age, our vital enzymes are depleted, which makes eating raw foods necessary to sustaining good health. To go raw, try simply opting for an easy pre-or-post workout snack, such as those from Go Raw, to help boost your body through those hard workouts.

Drink Lemon Water In the Morning
Did you know that simply drinking warm lemon water in the morning can help your digestion throughout the day and may even help promote weight loss? Simply squeeze the juice of one fresh organic lemon into a cup of warm water and sip it as you are getting ready for your day. It helps to loosen toxins from the body and invigorates your system with a variety of nutrients including potassium, vitamin C, B-complex vitamins, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, and fiber.

Power Your Body with Targeted Supplements
Make sure that you are hydrating and nourishing your body to get the most out of your fitness routine. Nuun is a leader in portable hydration with drink options to keep you refreshed and replenished all day, everyday. Nuun’s special formulation helps increase the amount of water that’s absorbed into the blood stream to help power your body. Also, you can fight pain, inflammation and fatigue with Hyland’s Bioplasma Sport with Electrolytes featuring a powerful combination of cell salts in an “on-the-go” dosage form.  The powder is developed to dissolve instantly on the tongue and enable more rapid absorption.  Plus, they are easy to slip in the gym bag or put in your pocket when you head out for your workout.

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