Omega 3 and The Leafy Love Triangle Part 1

Popeye and Greens

Remember Popeye with his bulging biceps? Well, he may be just a cartoon character, but it turns out that the spinach he was pouring down his gullet really is a super-food. Rich in vitamins and iron, it’s of the many leafy veggies that are the basis for optimal health. The Omega 3 that leafy green vegetables like spinach provide, enables your body to function as it should at a cellular level, helping to purify your blood, and boost your immune system, they are literally the building blocks for health in a way unparalleled by any other food group. In a recent study on prostate cancer, spinach was singular in its ability to provide protection from this disease in its aggressive stages.

The benefits of other leafy greens, including endive, beet greens, arugula, purslane, collard, kale and Swiss chard (to name a few,) are just as impressive, and have been shown to help reverse and even prevent depression and other mental and emotional challenges. Mustard, turnip and red and green leaf romaine, also top the list. These natural wonders can help keep your heart and blood vessels healthy, prevent high blood pressure and reduce your risk of stroke. The Omega-3 fatty acids they contain can decrease pain and inflammation throughout your body and may help prevent breast and colon cancer.

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