The best sexual advice offered by escorts

For women, proactive or not, male sexuality is sometimes a taboo and misunderstood topic. If you are a woman and you want to spice up your love affair, under the sheets, here are the best tips offered by escorts. Here are some tips on how to drive your boyfriend or partner crazy in bed.

Whether or not to have pleasure during sex is a job for both partners in a relationship. Clearly, it’s not just a man’s business. Remember, it takes two people to fully experience the tango of the senses. The following tips are offered by escorts and are addressed to all women who want to offer their partners unforgettable sex.

1. Escort Tips – Praise your man

Praise him, appreciate his skills in bed and increase his passion for you. Along with caressing and kissing various parts of the body, sex therapists and some escorts advise women to bring praise as in a true show of appreciation to stimulate a man’s ego.

These praises give men security and the appreciation of their masculine characteristics is an indicator of an important achievement. Stimulating a man’s ego gives him confidence and increases his sense of self-respect, ideal for sexual satisfaction, according to some escort reports.

2. Escort Tips – Use your body to your advantage

Men get pleasure from a physical perspective, while women are delighted with both their physical connection and their emotional intensity. As a woman, you need to learn what your partner likes. Sex is an acquired skill for watching many OkPorn.Live movies.

One of the essential sexual advice for a woman is to realize what delights the man in bed and to be an active participant in creating a pleasant sexual experience for him as well. Dress in a suggestive manner to turn his mind during the foreplay.

If your partner likes to look you in the eye, then you could make a sensual look game. If it is about your legs, then wear a skirt or a short dress and thus you will give her an irresistible overview.

In other words, the mystery has its role in terms of sexual desire. Thus, if we refer to the legs, then she wears a long steamy dress because in this way you will make her want to discover what you are hiding. Alternate the two tips to improve your love life.

3. Escort Tips – Eliminate inhibitions

The pressure to satisfy a woman can stop a man’s desire even if he really wants to have incendiary sex. Will I satisfy her? Do I have the correct penis size? Will I fulfill his sexual desires?

This fear causes men to ejaculate faster to release tension, which is why the first round is fast. In this case, he takes control and delays ejaculation by retreat, while passionately whispering sensual or dirty words to distract him from fear. Sexual advice for women who want to eliminate this unpleasant fear from a man’s mind includes first, aspects related to directing attention to erogenous zones.

4. Escort Tips – Explore your whole body

Never underestimate a man’s desire to be romantic and to be seduced. Also, whether you want to give the man a foreplay, or you want him to manifest his fantasies, all you have to do is ask! In all sensations, remember that men appreciate and even want a sex game to be preceded by foreplay.

5. Escort Tips – Maintain passion

Staying in a relationship for a long time brings boredom and routine activities. You both have your fantasies of improving your life in the bedroom. If you have sexual fantasies, don’t keep them to yourself, but share these ideas with your partner.

Some other excellent sexual advice for ladies and escorts refer to the fact that the year makes jokes about the fantasies told by the man. Some of these fantasies you might like a lot, and if you haven’t tried them, you have no way of knowing if you prefer these games or not.

6. Escort Tips – Initiate sex

Women should realize that initiating sex gives a man all the sexual pleasure, because it proves his masculinity in the bedroom department. This action tells your partner that you are attracted to him and that you want him.

7. Escort Tips – Never use sex as a bargaining tool

Sex is a conjugal right and every married couple should enjoy these unique sensations during sex, as long as there is consent. The freedom you give them to have full access to the body is to the advantage of women.

An important tip for sex that girls should follow is to never use sex as a bargaining chip. You are the only source of physical pleasure for him in the marriage relationship.

8. Escort Tips – Have intimate conversations

Women have the key to a normal sexual experience, as is the case with sex with escorts or intimate experiences. The sex tips for women discussed in this article can save your marriage.

9. Escort Tips – Send naughty messages

Men are very creative when it comes to sex. Use this to play with his mind. Send him some erotic messages and tell him how much you want him. This sex trick for women would definitely make any man think of you all day.

10. Escort Tips – Send sexy pictures

Nothing compares to a sexy picture when you want to seduce your partner. Surprise him by sending him a sexy picture when he least expects it, and you’ll notice how he will return home simply as a teenager in love on teen porn.

11. Escort Tips – Wear something sexy

Even if there is nothing better than a woman without clothes, sometimes it is even better to wear something sexy to attract your partner. The idea is to make him wait and gradually discover your feminine strengths and curves.

12. Escort Tips – Talk dirty

Dirty words may not be appropriate for every person, but most men love to hear dirty words. However, the dirty discussions between you and your partner depend a lot on how intimate you are and how long you are together.

13. Escort Tips – Try new positions

Men love to try different sexual positions because this makes them feel stronger. Try new positions. This advice is also ideal to apply because it will make any man ejaculate later.

14. Escort Tips – Try the role play

Another tip for the best sex is to try the role play. For couples who have been together for some time now, role play can help you improve your sexual experiences with your partner and is often practiced and escorted at the request of creative clients.

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