Utilizing Friday Night’s Leftovers for a Hearty Saturday Start

father and daughter cooking breakfast together

Have you ever considered eating the leftovers from dinner the night before for breakfast? Strangely enough, sometimes I do; mostly on Saturdays. Say for example you had grilled some steak or sausages on Friday night. If you have leftovers, save them to use the next morning to make an omelet, adding a side of fresh fruit to round out the meal. Sautéed greens are another great addition to the omelet if you made those the night before too.

If I had made fish on Friday night, I toast some whole grain bread, spread on some cream cheese, and top it with sliced tomato and a small helping of leftover fish. Add some capers if you have them, or some sliced black olives. Salmon works really well for this, but so do other fish, like tuna, any white fish, and even shrimp.

Or say you roasted some potatoes. I turn those into a hash, sautéed with garlic, onions and fresh herbs, along with the leftover meat or fish if there is any. Top off the hash with a fried farm fresh egg, or some shredded cheese, and serve with fruit and a cup of your favorite fair trade joe.  What a delicious way to start the day!

Next step, to use the energy in the hearty way: take a long walk, hike or bike ride if the weather is right.

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